Fall in love with an enigma.


Who hates roses because they are red and buys tulips just to spite the idea of romance.

Who uses big words incorrectly and compensates his lack of knowledge with a niggling tone.

Who is apologetic about the state of the world and hates Starbucks just for good measure.

Who finds poetry to be gaudy and loathes all the classics even though he won’t say why.

Who always tastes bitter like nicotine but swears up and down he doesn’t smoke.

Who hates the Titanic because it was dull and thinks Romeo is a prick.

Who drinks his coffee black and doesn’t find the beauty in sunrises because he will never wake up to see one.

Please, fall in love with someone who you will never figure out.

Because a puzzle will keep you watching, learning, and assembling.

It will keep you frustrated and annoyed and paying attention to the insignificant. It will force you to take notice of the shapes of ridges and will force you to think about all the combinations of each and every piece.

Fall in love with an enigma and don’t you fucking dare try and solve him.

Because the last time a girl tried to explain the in-explainable, she fell
Down the rabbit hole.

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"Give up”
he said 
“I don’t love you, 
you aren’t beautiful
stop writing poetry about me 
it’s not going to bring me back
writing about how I’m your galaxies 
and your stars 
and your moons 
you’re none of that to me 
I’m glad that the creator mixed up the puzzle 
and now I can’t find you, 
I’m a bit disjointed
but I’m happy I can’t find you 
I don’t love you, 
stop writing poetry about me
I used to love you 
don’t get me wrong 
I fell in love with you 
it started off with your heart,
you had the biggest one 
it was like a prison because you held all your greatest fears and defeats, but you used them to your advantage
you used them to help people 
instead of hurt them 
I fell in love with your bones 
I saw them through your skin 
I saw the nooks and the cracks 
you weren’t perfect and you knew that 
I fell in love with your voice 
you are good with words 
you used them to help instead of hurt 
they sounded twisted,
but the way you said things
made it sound like the bridge of a song 
sometimes they hurt, 
but you tried your best not to
I fell in love with your intellect
there was so much going on in that head of yours 
your thoughts were so loud that I heard them when you were far away 
and in my sleep 
I always hoped they were about me
I think they were 
but there was so many things going on beneath those eyes of yours
Did I tell you that I fell in love with your eyes? 
They were big and brown 
They lit up whenever we touched 
or whenever I told you I loved you 
They had a certain sparkle 
I don’t think they light up anymore 
I also fell in love with your smile 
Whenever you smiled 
wrinkles would form around your eyes 
and you’d giggle so loud
God you’re giggling, 
I loved your giggling 
When you giggled It was beautiful 
I don’t know if you still giggle 
I also fell in love with your hair, 
you had these long locks of gold mixed with black 
it was natural 
and I think it symbolized that you were always happy, but you also got sad sometimes,
but now you chopped your hair off 
and dyed it blue 
is this your way of saying you’re tired and giving up? 
blue is the color of sadness 
and short means an end to something 
I’m beginning to sound like a poet with the way these words are wrapping around my tongue and leaving me 
Do you see what you do to me?
You’re making me speak eloquently. 
You’re making these phrases leave my body, 
My god your body
it was perfect,
I loved it 
and I loved how it fit into mine 
your skin was so soft 
and you were always as warm as your heart 
and now 
you always look cold and frail 
did your heart release its fears and defeats?
and the last thing I fell in love with, 
was the way you told me you loved me,
you said it quite often, 
but you spoke it in words you never said,
you spoke it through your poetry 
and you still do 
you showed it by the way you’d run into my arms 
you displayed it by the kisses you’d place on my lips when I felt sad or happy or angry 
you presented it with your gifts that would mean nothing to everyone else, 
but meant the world to me 
you gifted it when you would kiss my scars and tell me I was perfect and you still think I am 
I don’t know why, I broke your heart 
maybe it was a mistake 
I don’t know, 
see what you did?
I told you why I loved you and now I think I still do
you still love me, 
I don’t know why,
I don’t deserve it,
I broke you 
You thought you were made of bulletproof glass, 
I thought you were too,
it turns out you weren’t 
and I’m sorry you had to find out through me
and I’m sorry I forced you to run from me 
I didn’t want that 
and I’m sorry you still love me 
and I’m sorry, but I think I still love you 
and I’m sorry I told the creator to mix up the puzzle 
I’m going to start looking for you now
and I’m going to hope by the time I find you, 
you still love me."

i’m hoping you secretly think this


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"What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age."
— Sylvia Plath (via skeletales)
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SONG - UnknownNo. 1 Party Anthem
ARTIST - UnknownArctic Monkeys
ALBUM - UnknownAM
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every human deserves to have a slow dance with a beautiful person to this song

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A home isn’t always made of bricks and cement and filled with furniture. Sometimes, home is a person, or being in the arms of one. Home can be your ear against his chest, or your fingers in her hair. Home can be the nape of her neck or the palm of his hand. Building a home in a person is very different from building one out of stone.

Then again, there are some similarities between a human being and, say, a log cabin. Both can bring warmth and safety. Both can keep you sheltered from whatever storm you may be unwilling to face.

But the sad part about both of these homes is that sometimes, you have to leave them. And it’s hard to leave someone or somewhere when you’ve grown so accustomed to living inside them. Neither of the two come with a guarantee that you’ll inhabit them forever—you see, both can be burned down into ashes. Both can catch fire, and you might get scarred while you try to save the memories kept safe inside of them. Neither home is safe from disaster, natural or human-made, and neither are you.

So my advice to you, darling, is to be careful where you build your home. No settlement is ever permanent.

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This boy needs to get over here and love me.

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"All I wanted was to receive the love I gave."
— 10 word story (via suchvodka)
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if you can’t beat them, dress better than them

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"Well, I think that when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away, you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are."
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